Hypnosis – A Tool to Overcome Fear

“Everyone is afraid of something. Some fear hits fast, propelling us into utter confusion and can be debilitating while other fears just whisper a hint of caution. Fears are beneficial too. As natural, instinctual responses to danger, fear keeps us safe by allowing apprehension of dangerous animals, surroundings and situations. Rational fears provide motivation and determination. When we fear a bad grade or the boss, that fear is the motivation to finish a project or study for a good grade.

Types of fears that have no place in a productive, happy and healthy life are the irrational fears that the creative mind designs. Fears strike where we stand, sometimes without any warning, limiting our ability to analyze the surroundings effectively. They are stored in the subconscious mind nice and neatly, not allowing most of us to access them freely and make change.”

Sandra Bemis, BCH,CI has written a valuable article for anyone facing fear and how you can ease that anxiety through hypnosis.

Read more about how to use this effective tool at: http://www.dynamiclivingmagazine.com/issue/2011-MarApr/fearpg1.html

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