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Gearing up for the July/Aug issue!

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Not the End of the World

So now that you know its not the end of the world, what will you do to make it a better planet? This question I am posting for the Letters to the Editor section for the July/Aug issue.

Will you take responsibility for you thoughts & actions?

Will you start recycling more things?

Will you donate time to a charity?

Will you make up with people you may be at odds with?

Send your comments to editor@dynamiclivingmagazine.com

The saying, you should live each day as its your last, is a truth to a better life!

Devra Jacobs  co-owner Dynamic Living Magazine

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by James D. Baird Ph.D with Laurie Nadel Ph. D

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by Gary Quinn

Has Cancer Already Been Cured?
by Tanya Harter Pierce M.A., MFCC

The Doctor of the Future
by Dr. Robert E. Dahl, BS, RPH, DC

What Makes Your Life Dynamic?
An Interview with Journalist Jaime Maussan
by Brit Elders

Flatten Your Belly with 4 Top Core Exercise
by Joan Pagano

The Magic of the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona
by Brit Elders

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