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From the Editors Desk -

 Common Sense and Responsibility and Respect

I’ve been watching the news and shaking my head. What has happened to the human ability to think?

People are leaving children and pets in cars on 100-degree days. But it wasn’t their fault. They had to run an errand or meet a friend and just didn’t think about what the child or animal locked in that oven on wheels would experience.  Where is the common sense that says these are living beings that can die in a vehicle on a hot day?

TSA agents are body searching infants and great-grandmothers. What is respectful about that? Nothing. But after a firestorm of bad publicity TSA vows to continue to protect national security to the point that people dread flying. If the x-rays don’t get you the agent will.

Drug manufactures feed us commercials about how great their drugs are and then a few months later inform us that they have been recalled because they are unsafe.  But the people went ahead and allowed their medical doctors to prescribe these chemicals even though we heard – or at least listened to – the warning broadcast on each pharmaceutical commercial.  Where is the person’s responsibility to self?

Politicians are so busy running for office they are failing to live up to the oath they took to work for us. They spend two years getting into the office so that they can begin the process all over again. It might be an idea to send each politician definitions of the words common sense, responsibility and respect.
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