Winterize Your Body

By Dr. Robert Dahl

Enjoying the mild winter snow in Flagstaff is heavenly, compared to what I was used to growing up in Minnesota.

My first trip here during Christmas vacation was the clincher. Mild temperature snowfall clean air, majestic snow covered mountains, and then the ride down the switchbacks thru Oak Creek Canyon to melting snow and warmth - The best of both worlds. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, bring the northland alive with excitement and family outings.

But, with the enjoyment of snow also come the icy misfortunes related to slips, falls, shoveling, and auto accidents. To minimize some of the inherent consequences of venturing into the elements there are a number of precautions one can take such as diet, warm-ups, stretches and posture.


Dinner - the night before playing or tackling the shoveling task - is the most important part of the formula. The easiest and most effective supper consist of a vegetable soup and salad. Why? The minerals in the vegetable soup and salad are highly absorbable, alkalinizing, cleansing, and energizing your electro-magnetic energy field for the next day. They allow for restful sleep and you wake up without stiffness. Indulging in meats, grains, sodas or alcohol acidify the body, with resultant restless sleep, stiff muscles in the morning, low energy and sluggish thinking.

Very few people don’t have low back spinal misalignments from previous falls, auto accidents, sport injuries, the birth process, or the multiple falls thru the first five years of life. Stretches of the inguinal and psoas muscle after crawling into bed and before crawling out are helpful in starting the day off correctly. Lie flat in bed, bring one foot up the side of the other leg and try to lay that knee flat on the bed, a passive stretch. Many who have chronic low back problems will have compensating muscle contractions protecting their nerves and will not be able to lay the leg flat… all the more reason to keep working at this stretch. After this passive stretch, I recommend an active “frog leg kick”, similar to swimming the breast or backstroke with a frog kick. Bring the knee up to chest, one leg at a time, lay the knee out flat, move the leg downward and roll the foot inward at the end of the leg extension. I recommend these at night and morning for everyone - always.

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