The Winter of Our Skin’s Contentment
Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Skin

By Tom Brennan
(From an interview with Alternative Health Marketer Christian Coffinet)


We have all learned by now that the skin is our body’s largest organ, but in the hustle and bustle of the winter months, when there are holiday errands and a New Year looming ahead; oftentimes we forget the simple tips that will ensure that the skin is taken care of in the dry coldness that can bring so much damage to the skin.

An important start to good skin in winter is to be aware that the dryness of the cold is going to kill skin cells and that they will layer upon your face. To counteract the dead cells accumulating and preventing hydration from getting through, an important self-treatment is to use moisturizers and scrubs.  This is essential to both health and beauty, because: remember that light does not reflect from the skin as it should if the surface is covered with dead layers. So, by taking care of your health, you are also guaranteeing that your skin glows and enhances your physical appearance during these challenging months. 

Caviar is excellent for the face, and there are brands available that are low price. Caviar gives you the proteins for the skin that also counteract sagging and wrinkles. A gentle almond scrub, which is granular, works wonders as well.

Of course, organic products that are free of irritating manmade chemicals are a huge boost to the face. It is wise to spend the time to find organic cleansers and toners, and be sure to make it a regimen to use both. Even when exercising at the gym or home, be sure to have a moisturizer with you, and use it before you shower off your sweat.  Don’t wait: use the toner and moisturizer before and after you exercise.

A good night cream is one of the most important elements for good skin during these months. It has been found that 75% of the skin’s replenishment comes from using a night cream as you sleep. There are now many different kinds of masks available that are invaluable for skin health. There are, in fact, many improvements in the masks with some that have a double set of loops: that go around the upper face, and that also tone the neck area.   

Also, a new boon for facial care is the improvement in serums, with some on the market such as those made from plant cells from Gingseng, which utilize the adaptogen nature of Ginseng to help the skin and entire body.

But of all recommendations, it is your attentiveness to bringing natural and organic products into your orbit that will guarantee that you build up your menu of approaches to keeping skin healthy in the bitter cold.
Also, honor yourself with a spiritual intention as you do your skin regimen.  A spiritual prayer for your skin health reminds you that the skin IS the largest organ but it will play beautiful music.

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