Sound Advice by Barry Goldstein
Tools for Tapping into your heart’s intelligence utilizing Soul Sounds



We all have a unique giftedness that we are here to share… a calling… a purpose… a destiny. Call it whatever you would like, this giftedness lives within your heart, the center of who we are. Many of us feel a calling that there is something more beyond our daily lives, beyond our daily stories, beyond our daily fears… and there is!

Your heart is like a candle and igniting your heart’s flame is just a step away! Like a candle, your heart’s wick is waiting to be lit and to shine its magnificence into the world. It is not a thought process, it is a heart process.  The heart has an intelligence all of it’s own.  This intelligence is even inbred in our language…”Listen to Your Heart” or being



“Heartfelt” or “Heart Centered”. So how do we take the most amazing journey ever from our mind to our heart? By listening… LITERALLY!

When we come into this world the first sounds we hear are our internal sounds… the sound of our breath and the sound of our heartbeat. When we leave our physical bodies and transition, our last sense to go is our hearing. The last thing we hear is our breath and our heartbeat. These are our Soul Sounds. They connect us to the center of who we are… our heart! Utilize these sounds to ignite your heart on a daily basis and embrace the genius of who you truly are from your heart’s intelligence!



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