Health Secrets of The Palmist

By Terry Stokes





Just as the reflexology pointers in the foot can be important health markers, so traditional palmistry can give important early health warnings.

Amongst the most visible signals in the hand are these easy to remember pointers. Palm color that is seen most in young women and again in their fifties is iron anemia; check to bend back fingers and see if the lines go a very pale pink or white, further check by pulling down the eyelid, the paler the pink, the more entrenched the condition.

A quick look at the tongue for iron anemia will further ensure if smooth and pale.  This is a better check than from your doctor, which is not sensitive, and will vary according to your menstrual cycle.

Again on bending back the fingers a brownish color in the palm centre, which may also attend the fingernails, would point to elimination difficulties, e. g.  Constipation if seen with a long tubular fingernail, the cause can be from spinal difficulty, often a sign from giving a difficult childbirth, and often accompanied by longitudinal lines down the nail.

Palm color yellow or even a deep red can be liver problem, check for nail abnormalities, and what palmists call a “ full hand” meaning a lot of central crease lines, which is one pointer to gastrointestinal anomalies such as celiac disease, Candida overgrowth etc, this palmer pattern is also one of the “cocktail signals” of prolonged anxiety.

Sporting ability and excess energy is a wide sweep of a deep lifeline out into the hand, with raised and firm musculature; firm broad mounts in a wide strong hand also with shortish fingers a long ring finger, as often seen with overactive children.

The British medical journal says that 60% of all British deaths are from cardio-vascular disorders, clubbed nails, and osteoarthritis in the fingers are early warning signs, but particularly in the metacarpo phalangeal joints, and the proximal interphalangeal joints, (knuckles)

Women with painful finger joints were 43% more likely to develop later heart problems.
Another sign is very malformed or broken (line of heart) with abnormal  or uneven nail moons, or a very cold hand showing circulation impairment.

Scientists at Liverpool University examined palmists findings and concurred that 
Shorter ring fingers than first fingers in men increased early heart attack potential with men in their 30s and 40s, as first recorded by Hippocrates and Empedocles.

Heavy basal phalanges: Palmists divide the hand into 3 sections, when the finger basal phalange adjoining the palm is very thick, and if there is particularly abdominal obesity, and red in color, with a nail curving both ways, can be heart warning indicators, look for further corroboration elsewhere.

Both Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and diabetes exhibit palmer muscle wastage, diabetes must be examined with the cardio-vascular pointers, and M.E and anorexia show signs of extreme malnourishment, including nail down-ridging or splitting.

Lines on the first phalanges (fingertips) can indicate glandular anomalies, especially if the hand is cold, damp or stiff as in arthritic conditions

Raynaud’s disease, this is when the fingers go into spasm because of intermittent blood supply, was a common condition with coal miners and seen with workers who use road digging machinery, or drills. The vibration can cause a painful white numbness.  Arthritis, early signs are always the finger knuckles, particularly if inflamed, usual signs are stiff or bent fingers, is one of the disorder range usually attacks those with short fingers (brachydactily) look for thumb that lays close to the hand, and down-ridged nails.

Very flexible thumbs are often seen in gymnasts, and in later life joint problems can relate to gynecological weakness, particularly stress incontinence, such as urine leakage with lifting young children etc. Such conditions as Marfans syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome also have similar thumbs.

Hippocrates noted that splayed nails, or double curvature nails, are pointers from emphysema to infectious diseases but particularly pulmonary and cardiovascular disorders.

Very common are eating disorders, look for signs of anemia, under nourishment, and B.M.I anomalies (body mass index) often seen with a cold hand can be one sign of deep anxiety or attendant glandular difficulty, watch for a full hand, with the tell-tale signs of lines down from the corner of the mouth, from continually being sick, a rare sign in a young face telling of habitual anorexia. And look for white blotches on very pale nails. One of the most interesting things that palmists can determine, is the diet and lifestyle of the mother, while pregnant, from signs in the child’s hand. Poor diet, alcohol consumption antibiotic and anti-depressant use all show, in fact data from the Max Planc institute says the life and health of your baby was determined by what your mother ate and drank when you were in the womb.
If anything here rings true to you, see your doctor.

Terry Stokes is a palmist in the U.K. He was Britian’s first lecturer in paraspiritual studies, and has given talks on psychology philosophy and spirituality. He reads and counsels people from emailed handprints at


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