Molecular Surgery…
The facts of the future

By Dr. Donese Worden



After my last article for “Dynamic Living Magazine” many of you requested more information on molecular surgery.  Several expressed concern and think the idea is scary.  GMO is a large concern in agriculture.  This article is about HUMAN GMO. My purpose for these articles is to educate you in the basics of novel leading-edge techniques used in medicine and healing.  The philosophical, moral, environmental and long term biological effects are for us to ponder, as we really don’t know the answers as yet.

I will say before harshly judging any subject you may want to ask yourself the question “If it was my child or loved one that a therapy could help, would I be so quick to reject it”.  I’ve learned to keep an open mind, reserve judgment until I fully explore the subject and then reserve the right to change my mind as more information becomes available. We definitely need more information and time on this one.

This subject does raise many questions such as, what happens if we take away survival of the fittest?  Are we changing some divine or natural plan?  Or are we using the knowledge we have attained for the greater good?

This is the first of a two-part article.  In the next edition, I will be talking about what we can do to change our epi-genetic profile.  In other words, even if we have a defective gene, we may be in control of 70% of our genetic expression.  New modalities, therapies and nutritional supplements show promise in helping us either up or down regulate genes.

Let’s start with the DEFINITION.
Molecular surgery is the computing and molecular programming of DNA that draws together mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, and nanotechnology to address the analysis, design, and synthesis of information–based molecular systems.

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