Use Mental Feng Shui
    to Shift Your Mind for Dynamic Living

By Grace Ho 



Feng Shui is not just re-arranging your furniture and space, but Feng Shui is all about shifting your MIND to attract happy and dynamic living. Thousands of years ago, Chinese Emperors and Japanese Shoguns used the secrets of Feng Shui to overcome obstacles and gain power and wealth.  One of the highly guarded secrets of Feng Shui is to shift your MIND for abundance. 

The abundance is out there within your reach.  Actually the abundance wants to come to you. And all you need to do is to make yourself visible so that the abundance can find you.

There are two simple steps for you to take: (1) Make your “Front Door” visible; and (2) Unblock your old stagnant energy.

Step 1: Your Front Door
Let’s put yourself in the Abundance’s shoes. Let’s imagine the Abundance wants to come to you. You have arrived at your address and you are trying to go into the house, but cannot find the front door. There is a big tree right in front of the front door, and it is completely blocking the door so that the abundance cannot find how to come in. Or, perhaps the entrance to your home is a small side door, which is not visible from the street.

Therefore, it is so important to have an easy-to-find front door to your home and office, then the abundance can find you right away.

Step 2: Unblock Your Old Stagnant Energy
Second, you need to be inviting the Abundance to your mind and life. How can you invite the Abundance? All you need to do is to release any old stagnant energy so that you have a new space to be filled with the Abundance. 

Feng Shui is about a nice flow of Chi energy (or Life Force). When it keeps flowing, the energy is clean and pleasant. This is good chi energy. However, when it is stagnant, it gets muddy and unpleasant. That is bad chi energy.

Let’s imagine a glass full of red wine, and you are trying to pour white wine into it.  No matter how much you keep pouring, the color of the wine inside the glass is still red.  If you really wish to have white wine, you need to let go of red wine out of the glass, then pour white wine.

This is a good analogy of your mind. Unless you let go of old stagnant energy (or red wine in this example), the new energy (white wine) cannot come into your life.

So, what am I saying about how to invite more wealth and abundance into your new dynamic living? 

If you want to start receiving more happiness and abundance in your life, first make your front door visible and clutter-free. And second, let go of any old stagnant energy and invite a nice flow of new energy.


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