What You Do With Lemons

          Why we need God

By Gary J. McDonald



Forever etched in my memory is the day my father most influenced the direction my life would take. It was a sunny day in 1975. I had recently graduated from high school and was concerned about my future. I stood there next to the garage feeling a bit aimless as I watched my father work on the family car. My father began to speak to me, which was somewhat surprising, as he didn't often engage in small talk. Normally, I would stand around watching him work on the car and be his "gopher." I would go-pher this tool or go-pher that tool as he needed them. He worked for American Motors, the smallest of the Big Four car manufacturers that produced cars like the Rambler, Ambassador, Gremlin, Matador, and the Pacer. Eventually Chrysler purchased American Motors. Prior to its demise, my father, being a good company man, always drove one of their slightly embarrassing cars and would work on them as they needed repair.





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