The Public's Devotion to Lady Diana and Marilyn Monroe-
It is all in their Numbers!

Lady Diana:                1 7 8 1 7* /8 Attitude

Marilyn Monroe:         7 3 1 1 7*/7 Attitude




The public has always been obsessed with Lady Diana and Marilyn Monroe. Let’s see why: When you look at a person’s Numerology Chart, the Birth Date Numbers are the most significant because they cannot be changed. In this case, both women were born on a 1 Birth Day and had a 7 Life Path. In total, Diana and Marilyn had four numbers in common, which would make them very similar women in Numerology.

This is confirmed by even the most cursory look at their lives. Lady Diana was raised by a series of nannies, and by age six when her parents separated, she was sent off to boarding school. Marilyn never knew her father, and at age six was molested by someone who knew her family. From that point forward, Marilyn spent her childhood in orphanages and foster homes. These unstable early childhood beginnings made both women long for a loving environment where they could really feel that they belonged.

Interestingly, at the age of sixteen, each had a fateful introduction to her future. Marilyn got married to her first husband, and Lady Diana met her future husband, Prince Charles, for the first time. Throughout their lives both had well-publicized heartbreak in love. Marilyn married three times, and Lady Diana went through her hellish relationship with Prince Charles, who cheated on her from the beginning with Camilla Parker Bowles. Although she stayed married, she fell in love with other men and was betrayed and badly hurt by them. Both Diana and Marilyn were hungry for enduring love that forever eluded them.

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