Releasing Drama and Trauma
By Gary Quinn

We are born in a state of pure being, ready and open to experience all that life has to offer, beautiful beings birthed from Spirit, ready to express this loving Spirit through our individual lives.

To differing degrees, simply by being on the planet, we have been exposed to or involved in some sort of drama and trauma in our lives.  At any point in life, we may have experienced various levels of emotional injury - everything from hurt feelings and fear to outrageous shock and trauma.  These events register in both our psyche and our body. Unless we effectively release these injuries and the subsequent messages we give to ourselves from this past, there remains a residual effect, which colors our lives and future experiences, our expectations and relationships with others.   Often, we do not realize how we continue to carry these past experiences around inside of us. We create messages - inner dialogue - formed from our perceptions of these experiences.  We repeat these messages over and over to ourselves until we believe them to be "truth".  We simply believe that this is how the world is - full of hurtful or fearful situations and people with whom one is not able to establish a trusting, open relationship. Or perhaps we internalize and personalize it differently, forming an opinion of ourselves that is less than stellar. In other words, we live in the past, creating blocks and obstacles for ourselves in the present.

How much better life could be if we simply recognize the joy and the bliss and the light, which is our birthright, without carrying any additional overlay of past hurt, fear, sadness or injury? This is not to suggest living in a state of denial or unwillingness to see what we call "reality". Unpleasant and challenging things do happen in life. We know this. Rather, it is about how we choose to view what we label as "reality" and how we choose to experience and categorize the people, places and circumstances of our lives.  It is about releasing the past, and moving into the present.

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