Eliminate Your Allergies…
Through a Diet

By Dr. Doris Rapp


If you know you have or had allergies when younger, or there are close allergic relatives, diet and an air purifier might turn around your health. The vast majority of allergies are foods. The other major causes are dust, mold, pollen, foods or chemicals.

The Multiple Food Allergy Elimination Diet  (brief form)
This diet enables you to easily detect multiple food allergies, all at one time. The diet is divided into two parts.

During Part I, you eliminate several major allergenic foods and also any food or beverage that you simply “cannot live without” for about one week. People often crave the very foods to which they are sensitive. If you have a food allergy and the major problem foods have been eliminated, you should feel significantly better sometime between the fifth and seventh day. This diet excludes the known highly allergenic foods such as dairy, wheat, eggs, sugar, chocolate, corn, dyes and preservatives, as well as coffee or cola. Check with your doctor if you have any concerns or serious food allergies.

During Part II, you simply add each of the foods back into your diet that you did not eat during the previous week. You add one back each morning, one at a time, so you can determine which of the foods are causing which symptoms.

Symptoms will typically occur within an hour. Each food can cause similar or very different effects. Symptoms will probably develop within 15 minutes to an hour and this effect can typically last up to a few hours. Sometimes, however, the symptoms do not appear for six to twelve hours after eating a problem food. 

Have antihistamines and asthma medications on hand, if these have been needed and used in the past. One to two teaspoons of baking soda will often stop a reaction to a food within about 15 minutes. 

It is a good idea to urge your entire family to do this diet together.  This helps not only by supporting the individual who needs the diet, but it will often detect unsuspected food allergies in other family members. Some will not even know they are ill until they see how much better they feel, think or remember after Part I of the diet. The Multiple Food Allergy Elimination Diet should be used only on a short-term basis. It is not nutritionally balanced.

Important Note: If you have a known or serious reaction to some food included on this diet, do not do this diet!  Discuss with your doctor before and during any dietary trial if you have any concerns.

A note from Dr. Rapp: Let me know if the above turns your life around. Can I put your results on my website? It might encourage others. Call 1 480 905 9195 or 1 800 787 8780 for the specific details and long form of this diet. Or visit www.drrapp.com 

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