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 Interview with Peter Gloria founder of TRTL BOT the eco-functional accessories.



Peter what is your background that lead you in this direction?



All our eco-functional accessory designs were inspired through skateboarding. As skateboarder, I was tired of carrying so many things in my pocket while I went skateboarding, such as my iPhone and wallet. I felt it would be great to combine the two. After failing to find an iPhone case at the Apple store that holds you ID/Credit carts and is eco-friendly, I decided to design my own. That is how the Minimalist – The Wallet Substitute case came about for the iPhone 3GS.  
Having an educational background in engineering, I felt designing an iPhone accessory is something I can do. Also being an environmental conscious person, it was important to me to design a smart and responsible product. A lot of research was put into what type of plastics would be best to use that would that would have enough strength to protect the iPhone while still being eco-friendly. After traveling though India a few years ago, I learned a lot of how excess trash is being shipped to under developed countries. I’ve also learned about what happens to plastic when it’s not properly recycled, where plastic photodegrades into smaller pieces, never really going away. That is why using recycled plastic was very important to me.   
Lots more research was done on where to manufacture the product as well. Majority of the iPhone accessories are currently being made overseas. Starting this business during the recession and reading lots of reports about American jobs being sent overseas, I knew it would be best to make the product here in the USA. Making a product in the US helps in 2 ways, first it helps minimize the products carbon footprint since it does not have to be shipped tens of thousands of miles away from another country. Second, it supports our US economy helping keep some American people employed and puts our money back into our community. Currently, one purchase of a TRTL BOT Eco-functional Accessory helps supports over 15 American jobs. This is something we are really proud of.    

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