Has Cancer Already Been Cured?

By  Tanya Harter Pierce,  M.A., MFCC



The Truth from an Alternative Cancer Treatment Expert

Official cancer agencies tell us that one in every two men and one in every three women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life. Official mortality rates tell us that one in every four deaths in our country is a cancer death. So, should we be concerned about cancer? You bet! In fact, you may have noticed that pink ribbons and popular walks or runs for the cure are everywhere. But what if the cure for cancer has already been found? Moreover, what if MANY effective cures for cancer have already been found? And what if no cancer patient is ever told about these cures by their oncologist?

I have been investigating the cancer treatment conundrum for ten years now and am the author of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work. Like so many others, I never thought much about cancer or how to treat it until a family member of mine was diagnosed and not given a good prognosis. Not being a physician, I never expected to write about cancer. However, as a retired Marriage, Family & Child Counselor who had studied research methodology and had a keen personal interest in helping my family member find his best treatment options, I was in a good place to look into the subject. The truth that I discovered shocked me.

For instance, I discovered that an astonishing number of non-toxic "alternative" treatments for cancer are working very well for many people but are not being recommended by mainstream medicine. I also discovered that non-toxic treatments inherently work better for cancer in most cases, because they deal with the unique characteristics of all cancer cells while not harming the body. In other words, they actually have a better chance of producing long-term cures than toxic treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation. I found out that highly effective non-toxic approaches had been labeled "alternative," not because they didn't work, were unscientific or unproven, but simply because mainstream medicine wasn't using them! 

Let me be clear. These are not just supportive methods where a cancer patient buys some supplements from a health food store, juices carrots, does a little fasting or colon cleansing, etc., while they get their chemo. I'm talking about cancer-killing methodologies able to directly kill cancer throughout the body (even in the bones or the brain) without using conventional treatment at the same time, and without damaging the body's immune system, vital organs, or causing the patient to lose their hair. 


The Cure for Cancer Has Not Only Been Found . . .
It's Been Found Again and Again and Again
and Again and Again and Again!


One impactful experience I had occurred a few years into my research. I was watching the Grey's Anatomy television show, and this particular episode was about a woman who'd been admitted to the hospital with ovarian cancer. I already knew that ovarian cancer can be cured in a small number of cases with surgery if it is caught very early, but I also knew that metastasized ovarian cancer is not curable by any means conventional medicine has to offer. At the end of the T.V. show, one of the main actresses appeared during a commercial break and gave a little speech about how ovarian cancer is incurable. Basically, she was encouraging viewers to donate to organizations searching for the cure for ovarian cancer of all stages.



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