Maintaining a healthy diet plan is vital to our general health and wellbeing. Eating the proper foods help us protect against illness, reduce stress, and provide assistance to prevent serious disease. However, for anyone with type 2 diabetes, making appropriate food choices can be both frustrating and confusing. Because diabetes type 2 is a serious disease, debunking the following myths may actually help save the lives of many.

Myth 1: Diabetes is due to consuming too much sugar.
Though the cause is not totally understood, diabetes is thought to be the result of genetics and lifestyle factors. With diabetes, your body is unable to properly convert food into glucose, which uses insulin to provide the cells with energy. Being overweight can make type II diabetes more likely to occur.

Myth 2: Diabetics cannot eat sweets.
Consuming a piece of cake will not cause a medical emergency. Although sugars could be empty calories and result in weight gain if eaten in large amounts, when eaten moderately, sweets can be a part of a healthy diet, especially when joined with exercise.

Myth 3: Diabetics must consume special diabetic foods.
A balanced and healthy diet for those with type II diabetes is very similar to a healthy diet for anybody - limit the fats, use salt and sugar without excess, and consume wholegrain foods. Lean protein, vegetable, and fruit also help to complete a balanced diet. Many foods marketed as "diabetic" foods still often raise glucose levels within the blood.

Myth 4: Carbohydrates are dangerous for diabetics.
Starches are an important part of a balanced diet. Carbs can have a significant effect on blood glucose levels, so they need to be consumed in moderation. Carbs contain important nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fiber, so eradicating them from your diet is not a healthy idea.

Myth 5: Fruit can be consumed freely because it's healthy and natural.
Although fruit is chocked full of nutrients, consuming an excessive amount of it, especially at once can prove problematic. Also, dried fruits like dates could be high in fat and abundant with calories. Fruits such as these should only be eaten moderately.

Now that the myths concerning the diet for those with type 2 diabetes have been exposed, diabetics and non-diabetics alike can make wise decisions regarding food. Along with proper medical care and workout, food can continue to be a necessary tool to help keep our bodies healthy.

E. B. Wood blogs for Diabetic Recipes to help diabetes patients to eat healthy.

Dynamic Living Magazine Issue Vol. 3  May/June 2011 The End