May – June 2011

By Sandra Helton, Ph.D.

May is especially Taurus in nature not just because of the transit of the sun until May 20 but also because Mercury, Venus and Mars are in Taurus beginning May 15 creating a greater reality of desire that will instigate the need to sort through tangible aspects of life and thoughts of how to bring about more security.

Throughout May Mercury weaves through the solar system tapping other planets energy which uproots and creates action in all areas of life from simple things as daily choices to major life changes. An alert goes out to notice what is happening all around you with others and the dynamics of associations.

May 21 the Sun begins a month long transit through Gemini awakening the messenger within that bestows information and knowledge in the mundane world and also imparts karmic pattern awareness. The links to those with whom there are karmic ties is felt and recognized and therefore may be worked through with greater clarity.

There are many great days during the month opening doors to a variety of ways to progress. From May 3 when the moon is new in Taurus to May 17 when it is full in Scorpio the tide of energy builds with May 11 being especially positive. Taking care of finances and what matters most is ideal during the two week cycle.

Influencing the beginning of summer is the solar eclipse in Gemini on June 1 followed by a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius June 15. Both these eclipses are very movable energy that stirs the mind to a point of restlessness and curiosity. Minds become busy trying to solve issues and think outside the box and the urge to travel and seek more knowledge expands. 

Regardless of what is happening in the world and personally there is a stronger interest in social media that will continue to grow and become more a part of mainstream communication. One way or another people seek connectedness. As a learning tool social media will enhance everything and new concepts will continue to unfold at a rapid pace.

Jupiter’s reign in Aries ends June 4 when it enters Taurus for the rest of 2011 and into 2012 creating greater focus on finances and anything pertaining to what is considered valuable. Internally the energy is about self-worth revealed through what is manifested as money, a home and any other thing thought of as valuable. Jupiter in Taurus will give brighter days and even more opportunity to garner what is needed and desired. Idealism expands to embrace hope and vision for creativity to become more possible.

Uranus in Aries for the next eight years is active behind the scenes of what happens as an instigator for striking out with a new sense of individuality and independent strength. Within the events that leads to a new awareness there is the impulse to break free of molds and conformity yet the need is still there to work with the whole of society and personally chosen lifestyles.

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