Who Would You Be…   If You Didn’t know Your Age?

By Barbara Berger

How old would you be if you didn't know your age?
It’s an interesting thought isn’t it? Why not test it for yourself.
How would you feel if you didn’t know your age?
Would you be 20, 17, 95 or 5?







This is confusing isn’t it because if you didn’t know your age, how would you know how to act? Yes, now you can see these two thoughts go together.  This is because we’ve all been taught to “act our age”. But if you didn’t know your age, you wouldn’t know how to act would you?
We all know that people who are 40 or 50 or 60 aren't supposed to act like 17-year-olds. Or like 5-years olds or like 95-year olds. They're supposed to act their age, they are supposed to act like “adults”. Which means there are a lot of things we could do when we were 17 that we are not supposed to be able to do when we are 40 or 50.
Once I was at a lecture with Wayne Dyer and he told this story. He was out running one day with his wife (he was 55 at the time) and there was a fence up ahead and as he started to jump over it, his wife shouted, "You can't do that..." But it was too late and he jumped over the fence anyway. Afterwards his wife said, "Wayne, you can't go jumping over fences like that... you're 55." And he said, "Oh, I forgot."



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