yin and yang

Knowing the Principles of Yin and Yang:
Can help you go through hard times and bring you abundance

By Grace Ho

Feng Shui is not just re-arranging your furniture and space, but Feng Shui is all about shifting your MIND to attract happy and dynamic living. Thousands of years ago, Chinese Emperors and Japanese Shoguns used the secrets of Feng Shui to overcome obstacles and gain power and wealth. One of the highly guarded secrets of Feng Shui is to shift your MIND for abundance. 

When you are going through a hart time, knowing the Principle of Yin and Yang can help you regain confidence and stay hopeful and focused on your goal. The Principle of Yin and Yang tells us that everything has positive and negative aspects.  Nothing is 100% positive. Nothing is 100% negative. And it is up to YOU to decide which side you want to live with.

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For example, in Chinese and Japanese language, the word “Crisis” is made up with two characters: “Danger” and “Opportunity.” It all depends on which emotions you use to respond to the current crisis: If you let the emotions of fear, anxiety, self-pity, loss of control, and helplessness, it could be quite dangerous because it could do so much damage to your life and take you down.

In contrast, if you let the emotions of hope, curiosity, self-confidence, pride, appreciation, it could be indeed an opportunity for you to grow and it would certainly take you to the next level. You must shift your mind to realize that the “reality” is a reflection of the state of your mind. And you can change your “reality” by shifting your mind and emotional status. I know it, because I went through it. 

Here is my story: I lost my job due to cancer in my family. I was married for only 6 months with limited savings. Soon, we were facing financial hardship and on the verge of losing our home. Accidentally, I discovered the Mental Feng Shui, when we were in this crisis.

One April Sunday, we were celebrating my husband’s birthday with humbly packed lunch on a beach.  We were so poor that we couldn’t even go to a fast food restaurant. My heart was full of shame, fear, self-pity and hopelessness. But then, something snapped inside me.

I have realized that the sky is always blue no matter how I feel. The ocean is always beautiful with white sand and crushing waves. This was the moment that I realized my “reality” was a mirror image of my state of mind. It was full of fear, anxiety, misery, self-pity, and helplessness. Once I realized this fact, everything started looking different. It was the moment I discovered the power we already have inside us, to change our “reality.” It made my life turned around. And these are the highly guarded secrets of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is not only re-arranging your furniture and changing your space. Feng Shui is all about shifting your MIND for dynamic living with happiness and abundance.

Grace Ho is a motivational speaker and a Feng Shui expert. She has published seven books in Japan in self-fulfillment with Feng Shui philosophy and positive thinking. Her book made #1 on Amazon in Japan.

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