Heal Yourself


Can You Really Heal Yourself?

By Constance Kraus
Healing yourself” opens the door to a wide range of interpretation. Just Google it and see what you get! When it becomes up-close & personal, the mild interest you may have had in someone else’s experience now becomes center stage. You pay attention to what they did. What caused that spontaneous remission, or how did those negative conditions in their body just disappear?  What did they do?

In my research I have discovered quite a variety of ways people have found to heal themselves.  Some used laughter. I read about a woman diagnosed with cancer, who watched funny movies with her husband all the time, keeping herself in a constant state of having fun! Another person used herbs. Another played beautiful music. Another used sound, tones & vibrations.  And the list goes on. Even drugs… an oncologist in N.Y. combines chemotherapy treatments with music therapy, very successfully. So you see, there are many tools. 

My own personal story of cancer four years ago marked a significant turning point in my life.  I’ll never forget September 11, 2006. Waking up in the hospital following “exploratory” surgery to see what that melon-sized tumor was in my pelvic area; I was given the news I had ovarian and uterine cancer. Reeling from that diagnosis, I immediately went into denial. “No, I’m not hearing this right. They must be talking about someone else.” The next day I was given the name of an oncologist, and an appointment was set for the following week. I decided to go ahead with an intensive 6-month chemotherapy/radiation treatment program. 

So, by now you’re thinking, “why did she do that?” I think initially, like so many others, the fear factor showed up, like a “learned response”, and I opted to trust something outside myself to heal. Well, I went through three grueling months before I took charge. Literally at death’s door, halfway through the program, I quit. I made a shift. No one told me to quit; no one told me what to do next. I just knew that I had an Inner Wisdom that would guide me back to health. How did I know? It was a communication with my soul. An inner voice said, “Trust me”. This inner voice, this wisdom, I have come to know is my God-piece, my connection to Source-Creator.

There are many tools, but the key that will fit the lock lies inside you. Not outside. Making that subtle, but huge shift from trusting something outside, to the inside, is what makes all the difference. It’s what makes the tool(s) work.  How you do it and what tool you choose is up to you. We are all different in our physical make-up, but we all have that same Inner Wisdom. It’s the belief that you have the power to affect your physical body that shows up as the common thread in all the success stories.

Remember the story of Peter walking on the water because he saw Jesus doing it? And as soon as he looked down and thought, “OMG, I don’t believe I’m walking on water!” He sank. Doubt.  Jesus’ words about having faith the size of a mustard seed were a simple, but powerful teaching on belief in our own divine connection. 

And finally, there is another aspect to this healing process I’d like to share. After I made the shift, and the decision to go 180 degrees in the other direction, I began to research everything, and it seemed information and the right people just fell out of the sky. I developed my own protocol, using a wonderfully gifted “alternative” doctor, lots of energy work, and various other modalities I felt drawn to. I kept a diary and because I was so successful, I wrote a book about what I did to heal. It was more than a technical journal. It became a story of my emergence from confusion and fear into a vital, purpose-driven woman. 

Did I think that by telling my story, others could do what I did and heal themselves, too? Oh yes, I did. But I soon realized, in talking to the many people who sought me out, that it was a different picture for every single one of them. Each person faced a unique chaos experience. My only part was to show them options, that they had choices; and to give them as much love and support as I could. Beyond that, it was their soul’s journey, their glorious opportunity to dig deep and find their own connection to the divine. And then heal, if that was their choice. Sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it isn’t to stay on this plane. Only that soul knows.

There is a quote I love from “The Tao of Healing”. I keep it taped up in plain sight. In part, it says, “The Universe conforms to no one’s design; nor can you heal someone against their will”… “One who understands makes no attempt to solve the puzzle of another, to stop their world from turning, to keep a soul from learning.”

We are a spiritual being, a light body that happens to have a physical form right now. And we are here in earth school to experience and learn, always evolving to a higher version of ourselves. It is our Divine nature and we each carry the Truth, the Seed of the Divine, inside. We are never lost, and we are never alone. 

So YES, we can heal ourselves if we so choose.
Dynamic Living Magazine Issue Vol. 2  March/April 2011

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