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7 Sound Tools To Create Sacred Space With Your Child At Bedtime
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By Barry Goldstein

Pajamies are put on, yawns are in abundance, teeth are brushed and your child is finally ready for bed. Every evening you take your child through this ritual, but are you truly ready to create sacred space with your child at bedtime? Is there a ritual that you go through so that you don’t bring your daily stresses in while you tuck them in or read that beautiful bedtime story? Children are very sensitive to energy… Let them know this time is sacred! Here are some tools to use using sacred sound and visualization that you can create in a few minutes!

1) Use sound to release your daily stresses - Give yourself a deep breath in from the bottom of your feet and bring it to the top of your head. As you release your breath let out a big aaaaaaaaah! Do this a few more times, letting this sigh release the stresses of your day throughout your body. On each breath tighten a group of muscles (arms, legs, etc.) and then relax the muscle.

2) Take the Pressure off - There is nothing else that is more important than being present for your child at this moment! Very often we put an intense amount of pressure on ourselves. Are your shoulders tense or tight at this moment? We hold our “shoulds” in our should-ers. Give your self another breath in and as you exhale release any should have’s could have’s and would have’s from the shoulder area with another big “aaaaaah” or any sound you feel you are holding there.  Move your shoulders around and stretch them.  Our words carry vibrations just as music does… Repeat these words: Today I did the best I can… Shoulder’s are for patting… Allow yourself to receive recognition for the amazing job you did today!



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