Common allergy by Dr Rapp


If you or a relative have typical allergies, you are far more likely to be allergic or sensitive to foods, dust, pollen, molds, or chemicals.  The following will help you to spot what is causing you to feel sick or just not up to par.

Table 1
Do You Look Allergic

Dark eye circles              
Abnormally red earlobes and cheeks
Puffy bags below the eyes           
Mouth breathing and dry lips
A wrinkle across the bridge of the nose

Wiggly legs
Wrinkles below lower eyelids                
A swollen belly with intestinal complaints
A glassy, glazed or spaced-out
eye appearance           
An itchy rash in the arm or leg creases

Table 2
Do You Have Common, Typical Allergies

Hay fever, with itchy, watery eyes, nose or a stuffy nose
Asthma or allergic coughing with exercise, emotional upsets and/or
cold air or beverages.
Abdominal pain or discomfort.
Swelling, such as hives or itchy skin after eating.

Table 3
Do You Have These Unusual Forms of Allergy

  In Young Children:

Reluctance to dress or keep clothing on
  Extreme aversion, at times, to being touched, held or hugged
  Crawling under furniture, into dark corners
  Crouching with knees to chest, with hair over face
  An inability to sit through a meal, story or TV 
  Tics, twitches, seizures 

In Older Children and Adults:

Daily headaches
  Hyperactivity or extreme fatigue
  Problems falling or staying asleep, nightmares 
  Sudden difficulty writing, drawing, speaking or walking
  Statements such as “nobody loves me” or “I want to kill everyone”
  Extreme drowsiness or over-activity after eating
  Intermittent or constant poor school or work performance
  Depression and talk of suicide
  Feel head is “ballooned”, fuzzy, can’t think clearly
  Have creepy-crawly feelings under skin
  Sudden mood changes, irritability, laughter or crying
  Unexplained aggression
  Anger, violence, panic or anxiety attack
  Walking on tip-toes
  Some forms of bizarre, psychotic behavior (seeing spiders on walls, etc.)
  Sudden severe body odor, not eliminated by washing


Dynamic Living Magazine Issue Vol. 2  March/April 2011