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Editors Picks for Top Products and Reading for Spring

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Dr Wolfe’s Body Therapy Cream
When the weather is nice we get out and move. Sometimes that movement causes aches and pains but we discovered something to make that all go away! Body Therapy Cream gently warms a painful area with an extremely effective, fast acting deep penetration that eases pain. It’s Aloe Vera based and enhanced with ‘Good Energy Technology’ that stimulates blood flow and muscle relaxation. It’s just what the doctor ordered to relieve pain.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp
It’s amazing what a heated block of salt can do. It’s not only beautiful it’s functional in more ways than one might imagine. They naturally ionize the air which helps remove indoor pollutants. We found they reduce allergy and asthma symptoms by organically cleaning the air. They give off an ambient golden glow that we found was ideal in a child’s room as a night light. Whether you want their air purifying and ionizing abilities or just their raw beauty as a part of your home’s décor these inexpensive lamps will change your environment!

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Newman’s Own Organic Premium Dog Treats
I admit it.  I have a finicky dog that is certain she is human and refuses anything that comes out of a bag.  But that wasn’t the case with Newman’s Own Peanut Butter Premium Dog Treats.  BB Dharma quickly grabbed the treat and headed to her hiding place where she licked and crunched the corn and wheat free delicacy. Then she came back for another. Now these all-organic treats are a must in our house!  And you are helping other animals because 100% of the profits go to educational and charitable organizations. Newman’s Own pet products are available in stores everywhere.

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Lucia Apothecary
Rich olive and almond oils form the base of Lucia Apothecary’s incredible body oils that are inspired by the coastal beauty of California. Because I was raised in a dry climate I learned years ago that applying oil after a bath or shower holds moisture to the skin. But some oils leave you feeling slippery. Not true with the body oil from Lucia’s. The Ynez Lavender and Sage oil absorbs well and leaves a healthy glow to the skin.  I was drawn to this particular fragrance, which is a gentle combination of lavender and sage as lavender is calming and sage boosts your memory – two ‘somethings’ I can always use.  I recommend you give Lucia’s body oils a try.

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