Nutrition and Strings

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The reigning model of healing today can be described as a matter or molecular science for it is consumed with the measurement and observation of molecules either for diagnosis of disease or for nutrition. The matter field model of seeing our world came from Newtonian physics, which saw our world as a well-oiled machine, much as we view the human biology today.

Biologic Energy Science
One hundred years ago Einstein with his famous equation E=mc2 stated that there was another dimension of life and that matter and energy were completely interchangeable. That what was matter was energy and what was energy was matter. With that simple but elegant observation of the world, Einstein’s theory catapulted the scientific world into new fields of science, which led to such accomplishments as a moon landing and computers.

But our current biologic model and its healing tradition is still mired in 19th century thinking. And to view the mindbody as an energy field to complement the current matter science thinking seems like we would have to create an entirely new discipline.

Fortunately there are ancient energy science disciplines such as the Traditional Oriental Medicine and the Ayurvedic models that gift us what we currently need. With them we can integrate the matter and energy science healing disciplines that will morph into a complete system of healing that we very much need.

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