Reduce Stress and exercise


By Ellie Peterson

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Stress is often categorized as positive or negative. Positive stress allows us to evolve and change naturally whereas negative stress removes or depletes our ability to effectively cope with life.  One natural remedy for reducing the negative stress is the new Meditative Movements™ exercise program. 

Research has shown that exercise is effective in managing stress. Affirmations are positive, simple statements a person repeats out loud or to one self; repeating affirmation mantras are a conscious way to direct your mind to focus on who you are becoming. Combining both exercise/care for self and affirmations/care for the soul is the foundation of this revolutionary new approach that can remove the effects of the negative stress from your mind, body, and being while preventing additional negative stress. It is the combination of movement and affirmation that makes the difference in my new Meditative Movements technique. Feeling energized and excited about life are some of the results of this new approach.

Here’s how the program works. 

Centering affirmation mantras are repeated during the warm up. Centering affirmations focus your attention on your own uniqueness and being-ness. The breath of life flows through you, and centering affirmations reaffirm a conscious connection to your innate spiritual being. I like to think of centering affirmations as the heart of the matter.

At the heightened level activity, energizing affirmations are spoken. Energizing affirmations spark your being's innate goodness and humanness and align your thoughts to the force of nature that supplies our energy. Your energy and enthusiasm for life enables you to embrace life more fully. 

As your being is filled with the centering and energizing powers, it is natural that negative thoughts and feelings that no longer support your higher good are released. Releasing affirmations are paired with the cool down and offer a way to let go of past struggles, disappointments, and stress. Below is a sample of a warm up, heightened level and cool down exercise.

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