fear or love


fear, anxiety, compassion

       By Faith Ranoli










I believe we have two choices in how we respond to anything we feel, do or say. We can either respond from our fear center or from our love center. One is not necessarily better than the other as they both provide opportunity for growth. We are lead to believe love is better, but responding from fear isn't always a bad choice.

Fear is energy that will either fuel change in your life or paralyze you. You can harness the attributes of fear and create your life's work. Or you can be stopped dead in your tracks because you feel unsafe in your world and cannot hear your soul's direction, that quiet voice that moves you out of fear and into alignment with your heart's desires.

Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. Are they fearful or loving, negative or positive? Each time you align with fear you keep yourself in confusion. When you align with love, you find consciousness, your inner awareness awakens and becomes strong and clear.

Our world is full of fear and teaches us to fear each other. Our friends, family, media and leaders tell us, “Don't sit next to the black person, stand next to the brown person, get on the plane with the Pakistan person and it's okay to judge someone based on sexual orientation or just because they are different.”

When we align with those fears we are practicing a form of terrorism and separation and that is fear in motion. Instead choose unconditional love and acceptance, which is compassion in motion. Acceptance and allowance are your soul's direction and not the direction of hate or fear.

You are either practicing love or you are practicing fear. You cannot serve two bodies of energy at the same time. If you are a believer and speaker of oneness, then you cannot speak of judgment and or separation. You have a choice to join into that fear or, instead, to choose the qualities of love.

Would our world transform if we choose the attributes of love or peace?


We all hold within our DNA, codes of fear and love, either of which will awaken when we reach the vibration or frequency of that emotion. Which do you want to see active in your life and in the world? What you think about or feel you will manifest more of. More fear or more love? The choice is yours to make.


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