Holistic Dentist

holistic dentistry

Holistic Dentistry

By Dr. Bill Wolfe D.D.S., N.M.D.













Holistic Dentistry
The practice of dentistry that takes into account the effect of dental treatment and materials on the overall health of the individual.

The teeth are part of your body, and one cannot be as healthy as they are capable of being with an unhealthy mouth.

Dr. Reinhold Voll, my German professor, routinely stated that 90% of all chronic disease has an orientation in the mouth.

Possible Disturbance Fields In The Mouth

1. Bio-Incompatible Dental Materials

In 1826, a revolutionary new dental restorative material called 'amalgam' was introduced to the United States. The amalgam filling was developed in England and France and contained silver, tin, copper, zinc and mercury in various percentages...with mercury being the highest percentage at over 50%. The amalgam fillings were not openly embraced by organized dentistry in America, and in 1840, members of the American Society of Dental Surgeons were required to sign pledges not to use mercury fillings. In fact, several New York City dentists were suspended from this organization in 1848 for malpractice for using silver/mercury fillings. In 1859, a new organization was formed as a result of the internal strife over the use of mercury in dentistry - the American Dental Association, and their filling material of choice, as it still is today, is the mercury (approx. 50%), silver (approx. 30%) amalgam filling. In spite of numerous published scientific studies over the years demonstrating the ill effects of mercury fillings in the mouth, plus knowing that the FDA has never approved the amalgam mixture as a safe dental device, mercury / silver / amalgam fillings are still the primary dental restoration used by dentists in the U.S. (approx.100 million mercury fillings are placed yearly).


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