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What is March in Numerology?

In Numerology, March is the Month of 3, and 3 is the Vibration of creative expression and promotes communication. Are you having trouble with a friend or relative?  Try to make it right in this Month of 3. Take the time to tell your mate how much he or she means to you. If you are estranged from someone in your life that matters to you, now is the time to pick up the phone, or write that letter. They are apt to listen to you now.

March is the fun loving 3 Vibration, it is time to let go of all negative emotions! This is also a great month to work on your communication skills. Adult Schools are reasonable, and they have singing groups, art classes, writing classes and many other opportunities to meet people who share your interests. The 3 month is a time to reach out to others and celebrate life!

What is April in Numerology?

April is the month of 4. The 4 Vibration is all about educating yourself in some way. If there is something going on in your life that you feel unsure about, it is time to do some investigating. Start asking questions, and be very specific in what you need to know. I think it is fitting that the major tax deadline is in the month of 4 as well. I know many of us feel anxious when it comes to taxes, and that is because we feel unsure about the process. We all want to do it right. If you are feeling that way, you may want to go visit a tax specialist before you file to make sure everything is as it should be. Do you know The IRS receives billions of dollars from people who have overpaid on their taxes each year? Make sure you are not one of them! :)

Whatever you are feeling uncertain about: business, relationships etc., the month of 4 is the ideal time to pick up a book that will give you some answers. If there is a self help workshop you are interested in taking, go for it! This is also a month about seeking the truth. People may find themselves being too blunt. As a result, you may find yourself in unnecessary arguments.  When two people start yelling at one another, they both lose.

Nature's beauty plays a big part in this month. If you like to garden, this is a perfect time to do so, since Spring is finally here! Plant some flowers, or just spend time in the wonderful outdoors. If you live near the ocean, go for a walk at the beach, or take a long bike ride. Perhaps go on a picnic with your family or friends. We get so busy in our day -to -day lives that we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate all that is around us. If you act on some of these suggestions, I promise, that by month's end you will feel very good about yourself. Have Fun!

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