Be More Productive with Meditation
meditation, meditate, relax

By Gary McDonald

Recently my daughter, Amber called me and asked me how to meditate since I personally have been meditating for many years. Initially, I was somewhat taken aback by her request because as an attorney in Washington D.C., she has little time for anything, including eating or sleeping. So for her to attempt to add something to her already hectic schedule surprised me. However, I was equally pleased since I know that meditation has a major calming effect on the mind and body. I knew that if Amber began meditating, it would help her to become more calm and focused and subsequently much more productive during the day. I went on to say that meditating as little as fifteen minutes per day would change her work and personal life significantly. It would change her life for the better, guaranteed.

I explained, to begin meditating it is helpful to go to a secluded, quiet place. First, sit in a comfortable chair or on a soft cushion set on the floor. Hold your head level with your back and neck straight up and down as if in a line and not curved in any way.

Your chest should be held slightly out. If seated in a chair, the soles of your feet should be planted firmly upon the floor. Do not cross your legs or hands at all. If seated on the floor, crossing you legs is fine. Either way, in a chair or on the floor, your hands should be resting upon your lap comfortably with your palms up. Begin to breathe deeply and slowly from your abdomen. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable position, it may hinder you from achieving a greater sense of peace and stillness while in meditation. Once situated, feel for any tension in your body that you may be holding onto and immediately try to stretch out that area.

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