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Microwave Safety

If you haven’t given up your microwave yet, at least make sure it isn’t leaking.
Here’s a simple, completely non-scientific test that will tell you whether you should consider using it as a doorstop.
Place your cell phone in the microwave.
Close the door.

DO NOT Turn The Microwave Oven On!

From another phone call your cell phone.
If the cell phone in the microwave rings… Well, chances are your microwave is leaky and needs to be removed from the household.
The casing of the microwave oven should prevent the cell phone from receiving a signal if it is in good shape. 
This simple test might be a lifesaver.

Clean Veggies & Fruit

A simple tip to make certain you remove all dirt from your fruits and vegetables is to wet them and then sprinkle them with baking soda.
Gently use the grit of the baking soda to scrub them clean.
Follow with a good rinse.

Put Out a Grease Fire on Your Stove -

Douse the fire with copious amount of salt or baking soda, which should always be near the stove.  Turn the burner off as soon as you have suppressed the fire.
It might leave a bit of a mess but you’ll still have a kitchen.

Are the Eggs Fresh?

The most reliable way to tell if an egg is fresh is to place it in a bowl of water.
If it sinks, it’s fresh. 
If it floats, you’d be wise to crack it in a separate bowl just in case it is spoiled.  That way you won’t ruin an entire meal.

Has Your Spice Lost Its Spice?

Spices often loose their pungent aroma and flavor with age.  But, there is a simple way to reawaken them.
Sprinkle them in a dry skillet and turn up the heat.  Don’t use any oils and heat very briefly.  This will be enough to bring the flavor back up for your delicious dishes.


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