from the editor of DL magazine

brit elders   

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions for Dynamic Living Magazine and wanted to share some of the comments and questions on our premiere issue.  Drop us a note and share your thoughts.  We would love to hear from you, too.

A friend turned me on to your magazine. Congratulations! The various health subjects made me think and wake up.
I was glad to see the authors explain on a level where real people can understand. Keep it coming!
Paula Jericky


Will you make this a printed magazine soon?
Terry Cross

(Editor: We want to keep Dynamic Living Magazine eco-friendly so our plan at this point is to keep it as an online magazine.
However, if you want to print the pages and read them you can do so by going to the bottom of the page and clicking on ‘Print This Page’.)

The spice article and recipes were the best. What else can you tell us about spice?

(Editor: Read this column in each issue- Spice Up Your Life under Food.)

The print seems small in English and my native Italian. Can you fix it?
Borj Portini

(Editor: Every computer and monitor is different, however if you click on View on your toolbar it should have a place to Zoom In.
That will make the text appear larger on the page. It works in any of the 30 available languages.)

Dear Editor,
I am just writing to let you know that I am slowly working my way through your remarkable new magazine.
I am finding that the articles are interesting and informative.
I would be very interested in reading the next issue, and the next.
Thanking you
New reader,

Dear Editor.
I like the In Your Own Words section. Can anyone write an article for that?
Marla Reme

(Editor: Absolutely. We encourage anyone to contribute an article that might be uplifting to others for the In Your Own Words section.
Your experience may help someone else.)

Have you considered doing articles on toning muscles? I overdo or under do.  What’s the balance?
Sara Long

(Editor: Be sure to read Joan Pagano’s article on Strength Training Tips in this issue. She provides an excellent group of
movements to tighten, tone, flatten and firm. It’s under Fitness.)

Will you get into more ecology oriented information?
Martin Jostivic

(Editor: Yes. We will be doing more eco-friendly articles in the coming issues)

Can we contact the professionals that wrote the articles?

(Editor: Yes. That’s why we have their websites noted in the articles. I’m sure they would enjoy hearing from you!)

Dynamic Living Magazine Issue Vol. 2  March/April 2011 The End