Interview Connie Stevens

What Makes Your Life Dynamic?
An Interview with Connie Stevens

Photos by Yamini


DLM recently visited the home of Connie Stevens, an amazing woman who has experienced life’s gifts and who, in return, has helped others reach their potential.

Connie has enjoyed a long career as a teen idol, television and movie actress, a singer and entertainer, and a headliner in Las Vegas. A single mother of two beautiful daughters by ex-husband Eddie Fisher, she experienced a downturn in her career in the late 80’s and struggled to stay afloat. But in the 1990’s this “never say die” personality began a new lucrative career by introducing her personal line of skin care and make up products. Connie’s a self-made business tycoon, a friend to those who suffer injustice, and a major supporter of our military troops whose entertainment roots resurfaced in 2011 with Saving Grace B. Jones, a film she wrote and directed. 

DLM: What makes your life dynamic?

Connie Sevens: Feeling healthy and seeing my two beautiful daughters walk across the room with smiles on their faces; my eight grandchildren sending me notes and calling me on the phone and having the whole family together with me. We’re a very close-knit, traditional family. I’m very fortunate that they all live near me in California.

I marvel at the twists and turns that my career and lifestyle has taken me. I’ve been in very interesting places… to President’s inaugurations and I was there when a Pope was being crowned. These things keep my life so eclectic.

DLM:  You sound like you’re politically motivated and involved with world affairs.

Connie Sevens: Oh, very much so. At a dinner party, I mentioned how much I loved Queen Elizabeth to a man who happened to work in the Queen’s court. Later that year I received a phone call inviting me to have lunch with the Queen, which I did last July. My lifestyle has taken me down different paths where I’ve met very interesting people. I never know what’s going to happen or whom I’m going to meet next. Also, the fruition of dreams, which have not always been show biz dreams. As a girl I dreamed of being an architect and at other times of being a general.


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