catching a cold


To “Catch” a Cold… A Myth

By Robert E. Dahl, BS, RPH, DC

It’s not that you can’t “catch” a cold by immersing yourself in virus-loaded mucus from others who have a cold, but the majority of colds are cultured from the chemical medium we have created within ourselves.

The “common” cold is an immense misnomer. Cold symptoms are actually a reflection of a body (battery) that has been totally drained from gradual or abrupt “stress” that creates an acid chemical medium for viruses to flourish in. (see stress definition diaphragm in Dynamic Lining Magazine January 1, 2011…the Invincible Myth) Conversely, to recharge the body (battery) we must change the chemical medium to alkaline, which viruses don’t grow in.

Flu causes and effects are no different in origin than cold symptoms. The only difference is flu symptoms mainly affect the alimentary (gut) canal, colds the respiratory systems, and sometimes both systems are affected. Again cold and flu are symptoms of an exhausted body (battery) that creates an acid medium for viruses to grow in. The most important part of treating a cold is to regulate your urine PH every two hours, and keep the litmus paper on the alkaline side, green (ideal PH 6.8) as opposed to yellow acid side. Viruses grow in an acid medium and once they get a hold of you, they become the stressor that perpetuates the medium the need to flourish in. Monitoring the urine PH every two hours is a result of successful clinical trials for over 35 years. If the cold or flu symptoms are treated immediately, I expect the majority of symptoms to be gone in one and a half days (1 ½ days).

That is not to say that the next day, one can resume the unhealthy habits that drained them in the first place. A healthy eating and drinking regiment must be followed for at least two to four weeks to replenish the exhausted body. Those who are in a more weakened state, I recommend three (3) months or more. Otherwise, the cold or flu symptoms will keep re-occurring. When this is the case, more extensive consultation is needed to address other exhausted systems of the body such as adrenals and gut environment to name a few. 

Our bodies have most viruses and bacteria in and on us all the time, but don’t overwhelm us unless we provide a weakened body, which provides the environment for the viruses to flourish in.

Stress again, as described in the article “The Incredible Myth” is the culprit that sets up the acid environment, which causes the immune system to become overwhelmed; The three main categories of stress being mental, structural, and chemical.


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