Bioenergetic Medicine

bioenergetic medicine, healing


Another month of seeing patient’s around the world and here I am again. 
Witnessing the power of the human body to heal itself.  Sometimes just the right “frequency” exchange between a patient and the right energy is all that’s needed to set the pathway for their body to heal.

I can use Russian technology OR a cold laser Or color Or sound Or Just a good hug and reassurance.  I’m humbled to realize that I don’t heal anything and that if I’m entraining with the patient and resonating with him, I have the best chance of helping his body to find it’s path to healing.   Most of you have heard of entrainment and think of the pendulum clock example.  You can start the clocks at different times and eventually they begin beating together in synchronicity.  What you may not know is that they “beat” together but go opposite ways.  Hum….a little like our human relationships. 

I used to teach violin and piano for many years before medical school.  Teaching the little 3-4 years olds to “tune” their violin to the other instruments in the room (like the piano), they learned to listen for the ghost.  If they got the string at the correct frequency then the piano and other instruments in the room began playing (you can hear the same note) WITHOUT someone touching them.  The same thing can happen in our organs, tissues, cells, etc.  If we play the right note and our body responds with the same “correct” note then it will play in good health.  I think my musical background taught me a lot about medicine and bioenergetics long before the BOOK smarts hit. 


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