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By Sandra Helton


March & April 2011
A major consciousness shift occurs when Neptune enters Pisces on April 4 and stays until August but will move back and forth between Aquarius and Pisces until it finally settles into Pisces in 2012 for many years into the future. Revelations about the spirit realm will come to the fore as communication with beings in other dimensions becomes a more normal part of life. The adjustment time beginning now and in 2012 helps everyone settle into this new and spectacular energy. There will be revelations about personal beliefs prompting many to seek new ways to incorporate them into the everyday world.

March 30 to April 20 Mercury is retrograde. Be more aware of changes in travel and communication and be more diligent and thorough in those areas to avoid delays, setbacks and misunderstandings. Ideally it is best to wait until after April 20 to launch major plans.





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