Product Picks for July-Aug 2011



Fig Almond Spread by Gracious Gourmet

When I dipped the spoon in the jar I was expecting a puree of figs but what I got was a delicious combination of the anticipated puree, dried figs, sliced almonds with just a hint of citrus.  I could just imagine this luscious combination as a glaze for fish or chicken but the gang in the office decided it was perfect with Brie cheese and rice crackers.  (It was!)


VÄXA Buffer pH buffer
Maintaining a balanced pH is important to your overall health and VÄXA Buffer pH does just that.  Formulated by a doctor, this homeopathic formula is specifically formulated to balance pH, replace leached minerals and work at the cellular and sub-cellular level, creating the perfect foundation for your body.  If you consume the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) you should incorporate Buffer pH in your supplement regime.



Terry’s Toffee
Another tasty treat that didn’t last long in the office was Terry’s Toffee.  The McCall’s Dark was scrumptious but even better was Peppermint Pistachio.  A family recipe inspires Terry’s exotic infusions which make these toffees a mouth-watering, crunchy slice of heaven.  Indulge… we did!




Marsha Mason’s Resting in the River Healing Body Butterbutter
You owe yourself this treat that soothes and heal even extra dry skin.  Marsha’s Healing Body Butter is a luxurious blend of organic herbs that restores dry, chapped, or irritated skin to a healthy radiance.  It contains NO parabens, sodium lauryl, laureth sulfate, petrochemicals, artificial colors or preservatives and is fragrance-free.  It’s the ideal body butter for all ages and genders!


chipBeanfield Chips
Delicious and healthy snacks for the family that are also good for the planet…  That’s the concept behind the company and that’s what they deliver.  Their gluten-free bean and rice chips are loaded with protein and fiber.  As for the flavors - our office taste test came up a draw but I noticed the Pico de Gallo flavor vanished first.  These are ideal snacks for the entire family and perfect on your summer picnics.  ‘Crispylicious’ is on the bag and that’s exactly what they are! Look for it in your local market.



All Natural Beaver Gourmet Ketchupkat
If you think Ketchup is ketchup you have to try Beaverton Foods All Natural Beaver Gourmet Ketchup with Honey Mustard.  This condiment gives any food it touches a decisive extra zip, but would it pass the kid test?  It did with a resounding, “More!”  From turkey loaf to sweet potato fries this gourmet ketchup beat all others hands down! Look for it in your local market.


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