A Daily Dose of Nature: Rx for Whatever Ails

By Kathy L Kirk



Everyone has witnessed a single solitary weed pushing up through the pavement or between your carefully laid pavers. Probably you observed it with a scowl thinking you’ve got to find the weed killer. But wait! Before you kill it, consider the message that infernal weed is conveying just to you.





Life IS. Life Insists.

That weed has just demonstrated the power of Life. That’s the same Life that sustains you. It’s the same Life that knows how to turn your peanut butter and jelly sandwich into new brain cells all without a conscious thought from you. Pretty amazing don’t you think? It’s the same Life that keeps the earth in rotation, the planets in their orbits and the sun shining, the rain falling and the seasons rotating in perfect sequence. It’s the same Life that sustains, maintains and expresses through everything, including You.


Take No Thought

Another thing that dubious weed is demonstrating to you, is that it takes no thought. It doesn’t have a human mind telling it that growing up through that blockade of asphalt is impossible or silly or stupid or hard. It doesn’t have a “black box” of human mind to distort and alter Life from flowing though it with ideas like “it’s just not done” or “that’s the way it is” or “love with go away if I grow”.  That weed just allows Life to grow it, in the same way we allow Life to breathe us. We allow Life to see through us; we allow Life to hear through us, we don’t think about it or make it happen by any conscious thought. Life does these things; and we allow it.

When someone steps on the weed, it offers no resistance. If a car drives over it; it offers no resistance. If someone takes a flame thrower to it; it doesn’t struggle against it. It doesn’t say, “Why me?” The weed doesn’t discourse to all its friends about how bad and wrong, unfair and unjust the event was. Nor does it worry about what horrible thing might befall it next.  It simply stays in the flow of Life and within days, weeks or months it is resurrected (much to your dismay), because it continues to allow Life to flow through it.

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