What is Ayurvedic Medicine?
DLM interviews Vicki Stern, an Ayurvedic Naturopath

Ayurveda, India’s ancient science of life and longevity dates back approximately 5,000 years. According to Ayurveda, health is more than the absence of physical symptoms. It is a state of complete union with ones highest potential. It uses the principles of nature incorporating the five elements. Ayurveda works with all aspects of oneself: body, mind, emotions, spirit and consciousness. 

DLM:  What is Ayurvedic medicine and how would I know if it were right for me?

Vijaya: Asking if Ayurveda is right for oneself, is like asking if it is right for me to breath, eat, eliminate, be happy, or know oneself. Ayurveda, is the science of how to live life and studying it is like finally reading the owners manual we never got when signing on the dotted line!!

DLMWhy did you choose Ayurvedic treatments over other healing modalities?

Vijaya:  I love yoga, eastern mysticism, and food. Ayurveda incorporates all of these loves into a science that is fascinating and makes so much sense. It also has the kind of time-testing (at least 5,000 years) that our western medical model has not achieved.  Ayurveda takes into account each person’s individuality so that it is consistently accurate. Also, it has the ability to adjust to the seasons of one’s life, one’s day, one’s year and one’s emotions. I chose Ayurveda because it’s safe and has no harmful side effects found in many allopathic medicines.

DLM: How do you go about assessing one’s health?

Vijaya: There are several modalities I use: Nadi Vijyam – the art of pulse diagnosis; facial diagnosis, which includes skin, eyes and ears and includes the tongue. 

DLM:  Then what?

Vijaya: I formulate a specific herbal compound based on my assessment and I recommend a diet for the constitutional imbalance. Herbs have the intelligence to migrate to the correct organ or tissue system, thereby bringing the doshic imbalance into harmony once again.

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