You’re not a tree!
If you don’t like where you are – change it!

By Dr. Georgina Cannon










Just coming out of a holiday season can leave you flat and unmotivated.  When look back at what we did before, and plan for our future, the inclination is to consider all the work we have to do... all the changes we have to make ... all the relationships we have to repair and all the compromises we have to face.
No wonder we’re not motivated and energised to get back into the swing of things!!  Maybe this time we start looking for the good stuff.  The potential we have in ourselves and in our lives.

Children celebrate who they are, every day. The laugh without restraint, they cry without embarrassment, they move to music, enjoy the wet of rain, celebrate the hot sun, glory in the chill of snow. What happened to us?  How did we grow out of celebrating each moment of our life?

How did we come to need ‘motivating’ to live?

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