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What a day/night.  A personal story from a snowstorm survivor.








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It started with the hot water heater deciding it was a good day to die.

We had a couple feet of new snow, which Nature decided to bathe in rain. The rain blew in under the greenhouse door and soaked the carpet. And the Arcadia doors leaked - sounded like a bad musical instrument in the plastic containers we lined the inside of the door with.

We had about 1 1/2 inches of rain on top of the snow.

After dark a baby squirrel found the remaining bird food we had put under the table.  He was wet and cold and so little.

Didn't know if any of our 14 raccoons would make it in but we put their food out just in case.

Power went out at 7 PM. We stayed up with the fireplace and listened to the scanner (with batteries) and learned....
A bookstore and fabric store in Flagstaff collapsed under the weight of the snow. Flagstaff fire and rescue were evacuating buildings all over town because of possible collapse.

9-1-1 went down – telephone landlines went down - cell towers went down. Radios were the only things working.

People kept trying to sneak through the barriers on the freeways, which were closed. Flagstaff is cut off from the world (Out here we have been that way for days!) The snowplows were running into the cars that were stuck...

Power came on at 4 AM so we trucked out in the snow to scrape out the satellite dish... just in case there was a 'news flash' on the weather (that will never happen on a Phoenix station!)

The raccoons did come in - we followed their little footprints.

I got up a couple minutes ago to discover... no new symphony from the Arcadia doors :)
a fresh18-24 inches of snow blankets the 4 feet already on the ground - mixed emotions there.

Our Pomeranian BB wants out but the door is up to the handle in snow.
The birds are lined up waiting for breakfast.
It's beautiful but our shoulders hurt from shoveling.
There’s about 8 to 10 feet of snow piled at the entrance our driveway.

The baby squirrel has made a home in a basket I had outside under the eves...
When I looked out - he popped his head up :)
Looks like he stuffed it full of batting from an old cushion I left out for that purpose.

Just heard from the local fire chief that this week's storms have gifted us with 6.2 feet of snow. That doesn't include the rain. And we have a little more snow to come.

The power was still on and the satellite dish didn't need to be scraped out. The coffee pot coffee tastes better than fireplace coffee. And the plumber might be able to get out here Monday to take a look at the hot water heater.

We're both happy we can improvise and make what we have work... like cooking in the fireplace (I made a midnight snack of rum raisin baked apples.) And the lack of 'norm' certainly makes one appreciate what the generations before us lived on a daily basis.

So our world is good - how is yours?

Dynamic Living Magazine Issue Vol. 1  Jan/Feb 2011