Dynamic Living's Best Product Picks for Jan/Feb 2011

Cell Therapy Moisturizer
Link: http://www.renaudnaturals.com/celltherapymoisturizer.htm

So, what's one of the hottest new all natural facial care products on the market? How about a moisturizer that some say may be the latest "fountain of youth"? Renaud Naturals new Cell Therapy Moisturizer was developed to relax wrinkles, plumbing up the skin with collagen enhancing natural ingredients and, in general, smooths your skin. It contains a miracle ingredient, Malus Domestica, which actually comes from an apple!

The Swiss Uttwiler Spätlauber apple tree's bark and unpicked fruits' skin heals itself if punctured, just like human skin. This apple actually protects itself from aging.  A Swiss biochemical lab discovered that the apple's longevity was due to resilient stem cells that maintain and repair the tissue. Technology has made it possible to replicate these cells for use in other avenues, such as skin care products. Clinical studies show that the apple stem cells actually protect human stem cells by nourishing, protecting from ultraviolet radiation, and delaying aging.

Renaud Naturals took the Malus Domestica ingredient and combined it with other favorites like tetrapeptides and olive squalene, to bring you this amazing Cell Therapy Moisturizer.


Lypo-SphericTM Vitamin C
Link: http://www.livonlabs.com/cgi-bin/start.cgi/lypo-spheric/LSC30.html

Are you ready for a 98% bio-available form of Vitamin C that won’t cause gastric distress?  Then you have to try this remarkable dietary supplement! 

Recent clinical trials by world-renowned Vitamin C expert and pharmacologist, Steve Hickey, PhD, show that Lypo-SphericTM Vitamin C is able to produce serum levels of Vitamin C nearly double those thought theoretically possible with any oral form of Vitamin C.

Mix it with any cool beverage and millions of "smart" Lyposomal Nano-Spheres® loaded with liquid Vitamin C race to your liver. Once there, the "essential" phospholipids and the Vitamin C are unleashed to perform their powerful health promoting, age-reversing work!   Lypo-SphericTM Vitamin C is perfect to help prevent and ease a winter cold and it promotes the heart, liver, kidney, circulatory, glandular, and cellular health!

Preserve ™ Woodenware Oil

I was so tired of my expensive big wooden salad bowls cracking and drying out.  I tried everything labeled non-toxic and finally heard about Preserve ™ Woodenware Oil.  All I can say is WOW!

Not only does it do what it’s name states but the material data safety sheet on Preserve ™ shows that it has zero impact on health and zero reactivity.

Use it on anything wooden including cutting boards, butcher blocks, even toys, and feel comfortable that it is not harmful to children, pets, or us older kids.  It’s 100% non-toxic!


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