Photon Therapy: Light That Heals
By Ron and Pamela Patterson


Every living cell contains enzymes that are triggered or turned on by specific light frequencies. Our molecular biochemistry is actually nourished and modulated by light, and benefits greatly from the targeted reception of light frequencies, increasing optimal function, detoxification and actual cellular healing. Light energy at specific wavelengths talks directly to our cells (photobiomodulation), turning on beneficial body chemistry which can help us to restore normal function to tissues, relieve pain and inflammation and rapidly heal from injury, surgery and chronic disease.

Independent studies of light therapy have been continued for more than 50 years worldwide. Visible and infrared light has been shown to affect positive therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms on a cellular level. Lasers, cold lasers and light emitting diodes are all examples of delivery systems for light frequencies that are being used today in different settings to support healing.

Dr. Paul Nogier, M.D., the late French neurologist, was the ground-breaking pioneer who discovered that all tissues and organs throughout our bodies develop from three basic embryologic tissues (ectodermal, endodermal, and mesodermal) which are in resonance or sympathetic vibration with specific frequencies. Dr. Nogier found that exposing damaged tissues and organs to specific frequencies returned these impaired tissues to their natural resonance, inducing healing and replication of healthy tissues and organs.

Dan Parris, who patented the first therapeutic laser in the United States, further discovered that the specific Nogier frequencies could be pulsed electromagnetically via light emitting diodes in the visible and infrared spectrum.  This discovery allows for the safe delivery of the healing light frequencies; gently penetrating a broader surface, without negative side effects.

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