The Invincible Myth

By Robert E. Dahl, BS, RPH, DC

 When we’re young, we “think” we can get away with putting whatever our little hearts desire into our bodies and it’s okay.

Unfortunately, these habits continue well into life and usually perpetuated into our children. Look into the shopping carts next to you at the non-god-created “foods” their household will soon consume. Sit in a family restaurant and watch the wonderful parent give a sip of their cola to their child a in the high chair next to them.

This is conditioned consumption and is not even remotely associated with “thinking” about what’s going on. We usually get away without “thinking” about what we’re putting in our bodies because of the unbelievable survival mechanisms built into our systems to make us feel “normal” until these systems can no longer endure the abuse we inflict upon ourselves!

Disease in general is not something we catch, if it were, doctors would be sick all the time.




The word is dis-ease, any deviation of the body from its healthy state. As Hippocrates, the father of medicine, stated 2600 years ago, dis-ease comes from the interval environment (homeostasis) being out of ideal. In microbiology class at the University of Minnesota we performed an interesting lab test on ourselves. We took a Q-tip and took cultures from whatever orifices, underarm, skin, etc. from our bodies we dared to get a sample from and placed them on a Petri dish, incubated them an came back a few days later to indentify the streptococci, staplococci, pneumoccoci, etc. that are present in our bodies all the time, but we’re not sick.

So let’s get to the bottom of the abyss of dis-ease. The big dreaded C… Cancer, malignant tumor, neoplasms -- We have a choice: either keep your internal environment in homeostasis, or as part of the treatment for cancer, drugs will try to undo what you didn’t.

Unfortunately, most of us were never raised knowing there are two food groups, those foods that have an alkaline ash and those foods that have an acid ash. Cancer grows in an acid environment, so your choice is to either provide an environment of homeostasis (alkalinity) or enjoy the trip through cancer treatment, which includes alkylating drugs


Too avoid all these costly interventions and suffering we can monitor ourselves for pennies a day with simple litmus paper (PH Paper) by testing our urine PH regularly or by paying attention to your physical symptoms of being acidic: constipated, tired fatigue, irritable, restless sleep, pain, headaches etc.(see symptoms website).

Don’t let this sound too complicated, because it’s not. It’s as simple as green means go and yellow means caution with the resultant color on the litmus paper after a drop of urine is tested. Don’t feel like you’re stupid or testing wrong when the paper doesn’t turn green. I’ve had intelligent Doctor friends that have told me they never saw green on the paper until I showed them how to with supplementation within a few hours. Most patients can be turned around in a short period of time. Some can be quite challenging because of the three categories of acid creation and one or more categories maybe deeply entrenched.


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