Are You Living In A Healthy Home?

                            Thoughts from a Holistic Home Inspector   

      By Faith Ranoli

Many of us spend our hard earned money and our valuable time with alternative health care in hopes of improving our health, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. However, we often overlook the important role our home plays in supporting that health.

If we are living in an unhealthy home, than all of our good work is negated and the improvement in our health remains elusive.

The Earth your home is built upon may have energetic influences that are sick and that sick energy emitting from the ground may affect your own body’s energetic system and ultimately your immune system.

We know through science-Quantum Physics, that everything is energy and we know that emotions have an energetic signal as well. If there has been war, death, illness, sadness, divorce or any other emotional or physical trauma occurring on your home’s property, then the energetics of those experiences may have left an energetic imprint that could be affecting your own body’s ability to heal.

The Earth’s energy system sometimes called ley lines or geopathic stress emits an electromagnetic field or frequency. This field may simply be created as water moves along ley lines or fault lines within the earth.

Electro magnetic pollution emitting from all the electricity we are exposed to, may also contribute in creating an unhealthy home.

Think of it this way: Your body has a meridian system an acupuncturist might balance to help you regain health.


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