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Dynamic Living. The words bring to mind health, vigor, fitness, vitality, energy, and change for the better; elements of life that we all strive to attain. 

Dynamic Living Magazine (DLM) is a bi-monthly magazine whose goal is to provide you with free information that can powerfully impact your life.

Knowledge is the key that opens any door – even the doors that we might not know exist.  Our contributing authors and columnists are leaders in their fields. They are committed to sharing their extensive knowledge to bring about awareness that can place you in a position to experience better health, improved attitude, and a more dynamic lifestyle.

Much of what you read in this and future DLM issues will never be seen or heard in mainstream news. Yet, these are amazing tools that can bring about tremendous benefits to the wholeness of our lives.

DLM’s objective is to provide you with information on alternative, natural and complimentary health care, insight on food and fitness that goes beyond the norm, ways to achieve specific attitudes and goals in life, as well as articles that support an enhanced lifestyle. Always discuss any changes in health care, diet or lifestyle with your healthcare practitioner but with DLM’s articles you will be better prepared to fully explore new topics.

DLM will also bring you celebrity interviews, ‘The Happy Side’ pages, new products that can make a difference, and stories by our readers that will touch the heart and offer hope.

DLM is an Earth-friendly magazine brought to you only via the Internet and it’s easy to navigate. Each article is linked from the Table of Contents. When you have finished the article simply return to the Table of Contents to select another article.

Please support our advertisers because without them this magazine would not be possible. 

I invite you to contact me, or any or our staff, with questions, comments or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you – after all, Dynamic Living Magazine is for you! Please let us know if we have your permission to use all or part of your letters in the upcoming "Letter's to the Editor" section.

Brit Elders

Dynamic Living Magazine Issue Vol. 1  Jan/Feb 2011