Astrology January – February 2011

By Sandra Helton

The January 4th solar eclipse in Capricorn is both grounding and a powerful reminder of economic circumstances personally and globally. Governments and leaders have great emphasis placed upon them as structures shift.

Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius benefit from the expanding and very positive rays of Jupiter that enters Aries January 22nd for a six month transit bringing opportunity and an easier time.

Neptune and Saturn support interests of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius with insight into ways to practically manifest an ideal or long held vision.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are influenced by Uranus, which will continue to keep everyone alert as change continues - including a few surprises.

Regardless of economic conditions globally the long reign of Uranus through Aries for the next seven years is going to escalate technology at an amazing rate for the benefit of all. As this enlightening and innovative vibration unfolds in 2011 many will realize and cultivate more independent thinking.

Aries, the Ram (I Am)
March 19 – April 21

Opportunity is yours with focus on career set in motion by the solar eclipse January 4 while Mars lifts your enthusiasm and opens energy for goal setting and planning for the future. A great way to tap into these celestial rays is to allow time to visualize and see the reality that can be yours.

Greatest of all right now is the entrance of Jupiter January 22 in Aries where it will remain for months opening doors of opportunity. Jupiter will not deliver its greatest rewards to your door automatically but creates an atmosphere of generosity and positive magnetism that if worked with even in a small way is beneficial. This ever expanding ray bestows optimism, helpfulness from others, ideas about how to be successful and healing both physically and of the spirit.


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