Sound Advice
by Barry Goldstein
Tools for Using Music in the Healing Process

Although there are many ways to approach the healing process, the majority of approaches agree that the body heals best in a stress free state or a deep state of relaxation. Using music as a therapeutic approach to relieving stress and taking you to a deep state of relaxation have shown significant results. An article in the BBC on Music therapy for cancer patients stated:

1)Relaxation techniques using breathing exercises and music are helping to ease the misery of hot flashes suffered by women with breast cancer.

2) Early results of a trial being run by the Institute of Cancer Research show a reduction of 30% in the symptoms, which can be a debilitating side effect of treatment.

3) There are reductions in levels of pain and nausea in people who have had chemotherapy. An Interest is growing in the wider use of music and relaxation therapy in the treatment of cancer.

4) In addition, an article in the Case Western Reserve University “Music Relaxation Can Compliment Pain Medicine”, stated the following: “Patients facing surgery can expect to have less postoperative pain if they use relaxation and music with their pain medicine. A new study by a CWRU nurse researcher has found that relaxation and music, separately or together, significantly reduce a patient’s pain following major abdominal surgery. Tested in addition to the usual pain medication, these self-care methods reduced pain more than medication alone. The research was reported this week in Pain; the Journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain. The use of music in the healing process is constantly evolving; music is even being used in operating rooms to create a more positive environment for the patient.

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